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My name is Dave Koller. I’m the Democratic candidate running for the United States Congress and I am asking for your vote.


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veterans event

Florida Veterans Activist Meeting: We Need Real Change

 We Need to Elect Leaders That Will Protect Veterans!
Our nation’s Veterans are facing many issues that effect their health and well-being. With the restructuring of the Veterans Administration we hope to see that there are improvements to the system. But


Join Us for Wage War in the Park this Labor Day

Our government needs to do more to support American workers, much more.
If we work hard we should be able to take care of ourselves and our families without turning to government assistance for help. Workers are often not treated as

UAW Endorsement

Dave Koller Endorsed By the UAW

The United Auto Workers of America has endorsed Dave Koller to show support for his campaign. Dave wants to ensure that American workers are paid fairly and that their rights are protected. Strengthening our unions will allow workers to be able