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My name is Dave Koller. I’m the Democratic candidate running for the United States Congress and I am asking for your vote.


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Nugent Votes For Keystone XL Pipeline, But at What Price?

Rep Rich Nugent wrote an opinion piece in the Village-News and I wanted to address some of the things that he said about the Keystone Pipeline XL project. One of the main points he tried to make was that the


To My Supporters and Volunteers- THANK YOU!!!!!

I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone of my supporters and volunteers. Your belief in me and your unwavering support has inspired and humbled me.
We knew we were in for a


Vote Today! Vote for Dave Koller For Congress- Your Vote Matters!

Voting Matters!!!!
What do you care about?
I care about:

Providing Seniors, Veterans with Benefits and Services That They Need
The Environment and Developing Clean Renewable Energy Sources
Equality For All
Women’s Rights
The Education of Our Nation’s Children
A Strong Workforce That is Treated Fairly and Paid


If You Received This Nugent Mailer- Let Me Give You The Facts


When I saw this mailer from Rep. Rich Nugent I felt that I owed myself, my supporters and the voters of the Florida’s 11th District the above response.
Every comment made can be backed up by FACTS, it is not based

Roadside Rally Small

Come Out To the Koller For Congress Roadside Rally Today at 4pm!!!

Koller for Congress Roadside Rally Nov. 2nd, at 4pm (for approx. 1 hr.) at MLK Blvd. and Hwy 40, West Silver Springs Blvd.
We have plenty of signs, so dress for the weather and come join us.  This is your last chance


What Are you Doing To Support the Post Office?- Koller/Nugent Debate

Let the post office thrive, it can, it’s an institution.- Dave Koller
In this video Dave Koller and Rep. Rich Nugent candidates for the Congressional set of the 11th District in Florida, are asked, “What are you doing to support the